Facet Living Wall - Set of 14

Facet Living Wall - Set of 14


Inspired by Art Deco architecture, the overgrown temples of Angkor, and hidden rooftop gardens of New York City, these handmade pieces are the perfect union of cool geometry and lush greenery. Two faceted forms, the functional wall vessel and the decorative wall gem — fit together to create a stunning living wall installation.

Each piece is assembled individually by hand from flat sheets of clay, into a complex geometric shape that feels both natural and entirely modern. The interiors of the vessels are glazed a glossy, iridescent black; they are watertight and are sized to fit a small grow pot.

Since each piece is separate, they can be installed in countless configurations to suit the space. Mounts easily on a nail or screw.

This set includes 14 pieces:

- Eight wall vessels in stony gray finish with iridescent black glazed interior
- Four wall gems in stony gray finish
- Two wall gems in iridescent black glaze.

Made to order; please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

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